Hi there, my name is Ann 
I love to wear sexy things like stockings, High Heels, Boots,
 Lingerie and tease others with it. Sometimes I can be a little
   naughty to!

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Lady Ann sure could use someone like me to give her a hand with the ironing. Of course i might spend a bit too much time caressing all her fine lingerie although she might let me give her a hand in dressing her up that would be a fine job to have!

Check out her site i think you will enjoy all her sexy photo's there and drop her a nice hello email.

Do not forget all these pictures are copyrighted and are not to be used on any commercial site, home page posted in newsgroups, etc. without the written permission of LadyAnn. Anyone found to be doing so will be brought before the courts and made an example of! 
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