Girdlequeens Site For October 2023

Do you have a ladies shoe fetish ?
You love that special sounds a pair of high-heels make on cement?
 Of course you do, that's why you're here isn't it !
 you are so affected by the sight of a pretty lady's leg in a high heel shoe that you just can't stop looking,
and the more you look the more her shoes begin to control your thought.
What must it feel like, her feet in such lovely shoes ?
Why is she wearing them ?
Why did she choose them, was it sexual or just fashion, why such high heels ?
The high heeled lady has you in her power, her shoes have done it.

In pictures, videos and stories, stiletto Girl high heels satisfies your fetish,
 your ladies sexy high heel shoe fetish.
Why not today at
 You know you need it.

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sexy ladies in lingerie pantyhose and classic high-heeled pumps

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Ladies High Heels

Do you feel that temptation coming on when you see a nice lady wearing beautiful shoes, high heel of course.

Something just causes you to notice her shoes and then you just can't stop yourself form looking.

There is something about her shoe that is so attractive to you.

Her dainty styling at her shoe fronts, the rise and steep elevation of her lovely foot,

the high arch forcing up her instep and all because she is wearing such a gorgeous high heel.

You stare steadfastly at her heel with wonderment, envy and desire.

How high is it you ask yourself, what must she feel like wearing such a gorgeous heel.

As you regard the shape of it, the slender taper, the beautiful style you are under it's spell.

A spell cast by her shoes that controls you, manipulating your urge and focusing your fetish.

You have always had this 'thing' about ladies heels.