Hi, I am Jayde, a 100% north Indian girl born in the land of Kamasutra: India. 
I spent the first 8 years of my life in India and than grew up in England and The USA. 
I am a product of a very conservative family, I didn't even date until I turned 21 at which point I became the black sheep of my family. 
In 1997, I decided to try my hand at having a website of my own and break down the traditional taboo of an Indian girl getting naked, especially on the net. 
My friends and family are still not aware that I am the ORIGINAL hot Indian cyber vixen on the net, I have been very adept at maintaining my conservative facade (crossing my fingers). 
Busty Jayde Is one Sexy Glamour Babe That Usually Always wears Nylons Pumps Garterbelts Pantyhose Girdles Corsets and Lingerie In Most  Of Her Hot Glamour Sets
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I have never been a dancer or a porn star, this website is my very first venture into the naughty world. 
The most excitment I had seen was in the ER thru my job in the medical field. If you want to get to know me better and see a part of my dual life as a cyber femme fatale and a sweet little Indian girl next-door, you may do so in my Fun Klub.

You will be a Jayde-addict, it's a promise. :)

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