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Feb 14 2006
Sexy Kate looking hotter than ever in this tight corset set!
Girdles and Corsets
My name is Kate Donovan.  I do retro style pin-up photography. 
You can see my site at www.katespinups.com.

Kate that ultra sexy 50,s looking vixen

June 23 2005
Seamed Nylons
Ohh that  sexy Kate she is the Queen of the Retro style pin-up glamour and she has that look down pat! To see a lot more of her retro style and Glamour check out her huge website you'll be there for months i bet!
Feb 26 2005
High Heels
You can see more of One of the hottest Pin_Up Queens on the net, Kate in more retro lingerie just by checking out her huge hot site
Sept 23 2004
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