I'm an Elegant English Lady but also a Dirty Slut. 
Welcome to my very own site. 
I am a spoilt, English, Public School educated, Lady. I am also a dirty slut and try never to let an opportunity pass me by. My life is devoted to kink.
I wear Leather, rubber, PVC and equestriane clothing.
I enjoy all country pursuits as it provides a great source of new play things.
I also enjoy behaving badly. I am a flirt and show off but always deliver.
My Husband, Lord B, is getting very old and frail and unable to perform. I keep his spirits up by telling him of my encounters with others. He enjoys hearing the vivid details of my daily exploits. I also let him watch via the CCTV from his study. He gets very excited by how quickly I can get fucked by his most trusted friends. He even manages a tiny erection if I show him my spunky pussy.
I make full use of all the staff of the house, and anyone else I fancy. 
I keep a record of my real life activities, in my Public Diary, and a dirtier record in my Private Diary, within my members area.
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Check out Miss Hybrid,s hot video previews
Oct 11 2010
Desc: Miss Hybrid Performing A Voyeur
Sept 23 2010
Desc: Miss Hybrid Corset Clad In Hot Poses
Sept 10 2010
Desc: Miss Hybrid With Sexy Hot Lingerie Clad Blond
Sept 6 2010
Desc: Miss Hybrid In The Fine Art Of Chaining

Sept 1 2010

Desc: Miss Hybrid Corset Clad Showing Us Her Sexy Big Boobs
June 9 2010
Desc: Miss Hybrid Waist Cincher clad giving hot BlowJob

May 30 2010

Desc: Miss Hybrid Corset & Boots Clad In Dungeon
Desc: Miss Hybrid Lingerie Clad Giving Sizzling Hot BlowJob
Desc: Miss Hybrid Lingerie Clad Giving Sizzling Hot HandJob

May 10 2010
Desc: Miss Hybrid On Table With Foot Long Dildo
March 5 2010
Desc: Miss Hybrid Gives A Hot Wank In Her Lingerie
Feb 28 2010
Desc: Miss Hybrid In Heels Nylons & Garterbelt In Hot Naughty Action
Feb 22 2010
Desc: Sexy Hot Miss Brid Pantygirdle clad Gives hot heel and hand job
Feb 4 2010
Desc: Sexy Hot Miss Brid has Maid Lucy Use A Stick On Rubber Cock
Jan 25 2010
Desc: Sexy Hot Miss Brid Gets A Relaxing Foot Rub And More While In Her Lingerie
Jan 13 2010
Desc: Sexy Hot Miss Brid In Leather Skirt Glaoves Milking A Black Stud
Jan 6 2010
Desc: Sexy Hot Miss Brid In Matching Boots Gloves & Corset In Hot Vibrator Clips
Dec 18 2009
Desc: Sexy Hot Miss Brid With Busty Friend Playing With Dildo Machine
Dec 11 2009
Desc: Sexy Hot Miss Brid Boots Clad On Stairway With  Sub Male
Dec 5 2009
Desc: Sexy Hot Miss Brid Corset Clad With her Dildo
Nov 1 2009

Desc: Sexy Hot Miss Brid Getting Hot and Wet On Her Dildo Machine
Desc: 50s style vid clips at typewriter playing with dildo in 50s attire
Oct 17 2009
Desc: Tricked into a threesome, aroused by watching a couple fuck, Miss Hybrid gets to watch and ride a stick-on cock.
Desc: Dazed Miss Hybrid awakes with a huge dildo up her arse, her used pussy soaking wet and wearing hand and leg cuffs.
Desc: Miss Hybrid gets her revenge in the dungeon on the couple, that were booked to fuck in front of and deny her cock. 
Desc: Forced to give the driver a blowjob whilst shackled in the riding stable, after arriving at the Manor House.
Desc: His task was simple to deliver her to the Manor, but he could not quite manage it.

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