Hello, my name is Diana Caldera. I was born in Madrid. I started modeling since I was 16...quite a long time ago. I always wondered why guys paid so much attention to my feet, wether it was a party at my friends house or a naughty ex-boyfriend. And then one photographer told me I had simply beautiful feet. Well, and that's how I became a foot model. But wait...there's more. When I was about 21 I accidentally found in my grandma's closet a pair of vintage beautiful stockings. They also had a sexy seam running from the top of the heel straight to the welt and delicately reinforced heels and toes. I knew my grandma was wearing this type of nylons when she was younger. I hesitated a little but after a while I slowly put them on. Oh the feeling was incredible. I couldn't believe that silky nylon covering my legs would be so sensational to the touch. Since then I started buying my own nylons to wear them just for those special occassions. Every now and then I also pull on vintage nylon panties. Casual cotton products simply don't compare to vintage beauties that I call "unmanners"...don't even ask why. Because I'm open minded person I think that even you guys should try on stockings sometimes. It certainly won't do any harm while your experience can be extremely exciting. If you have any questions about wearing nylon stockings or pantyhose don't hesitate to contact me. I'm an expert now :-)

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