Sexy Glamour Queen

  Alix at the park again and around her car wearing high-heeled classic pumps sheer seamed stockings lace garterbelt matching panties & red satin ball gown in more erotic glamour poses.

does not drink alcohol, take drugs, or smoke.She  devotes herself to living a healthy life & works out a lot as you can tell in her photo-sets. She enjoys doing these sets in retro themes as she wears vintage full fashion stockings and pantyhose in her daily real life..  Nor will she ever do explicit porn because that is not her style.  I agree it leaves so much more to your imagination.  Same as please the nicer you are the more she is probably going to be nice and reply to your emails which she always loves to hear from fans of vintage lingerie pin-up styles etc.



All of these pictures remain the property of Alix .To post in any form on the net is illegal unless permission has been granted by either Alix or the web master of this site and any found in doing so will be sought out and brought before justice and  prosecuted to the fullest extent!
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